All-round asset advisory services.

BGP offers you all-round advice for your financial and asset-related needs. In addition to pure portfolio management, this includes other topics such as retirement planning, as well as advice on taxes and inheritance matters.

Our meticulous financial planning is based not only on the know-how of our experts but also makes use of the entire network of resources of the Credit Suisse Group and selected outside experts. In this context, your account is managed independently by our bank with an absolute guarantee of discretion, competence and professionalism. Example for our service are our customers such as:

BGP has managed to achieve excelelnt results with properties management investing in mutual funds with our latest aquired business in Australia, which has excellent returns to our investors
BGP has various interests in mutual funds and investing companies our latest investment in USA was in big real estate portfolio.
Here too, despite the multifaceted and global nature of our support, we offer you the opportunity to deal with a single contact person, your personal advisor, who coordinates your needs and refers them to experts specializing in each individual topic.